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Private Essence L2 server pack for the contract

As you know, we have always been profiled in the development of Java emulators, we continue to do our favorite thing, for several years now, we have stopped working publicly and selling our builds, since we started working privately on several large projects, now our developments are at the top level and installed on top projects, we have full 100% implementation of all Essence content, starting from the very first protocols, ending with the most recent protocols 447-464. This is not just Java builds, these are projects that are in no way inferior to official builds, which have been worked out for years on the live online of large large projects. We will be able to discuss all the details with you and you will be able to ask all the questions in a personal conversation. If you have any questions about testing, discussions, etc., please contact our studio and we will discuss everything.

We offer you a CONTRACTUAL cooperation based on our private source materials, which are currently the best top solutions in the world.

Essence 447+ protocol (Seven Signs)

Private development of the Essence 447 protocol (Seven Signs) and all subsequent ones at 100% implementation level with full support. At the moment, the 447 L2Essence protocol is 100% implemented and tested on large projects. The development of each new protocol takes an average of 3-5 months. Your project will always be at the top and freshest level. Only you and several other projects in the world will have the most relevant information. We try to make sure that the competition is minimal. We work and try our best for you with full dedication.

Brief terms of the contract:

Entry fee + monthly payments.

Our builds are NOT SOLD directly, we only sign a contract with those who are willing to pay us a monthly subscription fee for the development and support of official content.

Entry fee

10000 USD
You get the Server Pack
Install free
1 month support

Contract 1 year

3000 USD / monthly
Tech Support
Develop new protocols
Update protocols
Configurate server
Consultations 24\7

New protocols

0 USD / on the contract
All new protocols that we are developing are available to you for free, as long as we have a contract with you.

Extra works

The terms of the contract do not include any custom works, they are discussed separately.

Private contracts of L2Essence 286-388 protocols

There are 100% implemented private builds of the old Essence protocols: 286 (Dwelling of Spirits), 362 (VanGuard), 388 (Crusade).

Essence 388 protocol - Crusade

The fee is 7000 USD
Contract 2000 USD per month
Full tech support

Essence 362 protocol - VanGuard

The fee is 5000 USD
Contract 1500 USD per month
Full tech support

Essence 286 protocol - Dweling of Spirits

The fee is 4000 USD
Contract 1500 USD per month
Full tech support

Switching to the latest protocol

6000 USD
3000 USD per month