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About us


Our project is profiled on software development and creating turnkey projects for the most popular online game LineAge 2. We provide a full range of services for game server administrators.
Our Studio began its development far back in 2005, when we were still creating one of the first projects in the network. Having gained personal experience in 2007, our site appeared with the provision of the first server development services. And since then, we have been developing our service for 13+ years. We have already entered the international market for 5 years and now our service sector includes more than 120 countries.

We are one of the best developers of game server Emulators.

We have the largest range of builds and Chronicles available, and we employ several programmers, which allows us to perform a large amount of work.

All our builds and the full range of our ready-made scripts and systems have been tested for years. Our programmers are the best programmers gathered in the team for many years of selection.

One of our top priorities is to meet the deadlines and all our commitments. Our logistics and interaction between programmers are worked out as smoothly as possible.

Our programmers know as much as possible the profile of their colleagues and the products they all work with together.

This allows us to achieve compliance with all our obligations.

We provide technical guarantees for all our scripts, builds, systems, and custom designs and are ready to provide on-demand tests of any of our products so that you can verify the quality personally, and not from the words of competitors. On this site, we make it available to get acquainted with demo versions of scripts and test servers.

There are a lot of fraudulent sites and services and contacts in the network that say they are the best.

In the best case, you will not be thrown there and something will be given, something that will not meet your requirements at all, in the worst case, you will just be thrown. Only here you get a guaranteed service proven over the years, as you can see if you follow the long history of our Studio in the network.


The most important and main persons on our project:

Head Java Developer
Java Developer, Datapack
Sguard Developer
HEAD Manager

List of main Studio developers: